I Feel Much Better About Myself

When I was younger, I suffered horribly with an acne condition. Kids can be cruel, and my peers were no exception. I was called every imaginable name for someone having a bad skin problem. I honestly believe if they knew how much it hurt me, the kids would not have taken it as far as they did. It cleared up with a doctor’s help when I was 16 years old, but my skin did not recover 100 percent though it was still a huge improvement. I went to an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore not that long ago, and they were able to really help me feel better about myself.

I know that we are taught to embrace ourselves, to love ourselves for just how we are. Continue reading “I Feel Much Better About Myself”

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Treasure at Tampines Has Everything You Need!

Treasure at Tampines is a thrilling condo housing that supplies the best in fun and relaxation on one lot. The parks, spas, and shopping that are around you there is unmatched by any other condos in the area. It is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a good time and to have a basket full of facilities at your fingertips.

For the fitness gurus, there are gyms and active areas all over the grounds. You can enjoy a game of tennis or any other sport while others in the family go swimming or even rock climbing. If you are someone who really loves a yoga session, Treasure at Tampines has that as well on the grounds. You can decide if you want to get your sweat on indoors or outdoors with the gyms that are located in both areas.

If fitness isn’t your thing and you enjoy a more laid back experience, the relaxation stations are more your speed. Here you can relax either pool side or at one of the massage areas. Continue reading “Treasure at Tampines Has Everything You Need!”


My Son Absolutely Loves the Piano

My wife and I decided on piano lessons for beginners in Singapore after our son expressed interest in learning how to play a musical instrument. The driving force behind finding someone who could teach lessons was actually my son. My wife learned to play when she was young and he loves to watch her sit down at our piano and crank out some beautiful music. I thought he might go for playing the drums, but no he wanted to play the piano. I’m sure our neighbors would appreciate his decision! Nonetheless we needed to find an instructor as my wife felt like she didn’t have enough time to do it.

We found a music centre where they teach lessons for just about any instrument imaginable. They teach kids and they teach adults. If you’ve got an interest in learning how to play an instrument, they’re willing to teach you how to play it. Even better is that he hit it off with the instructor immediately. Continue reading “My Son Absolutely Loves the Piano”


Memory Foam Mattress Bed Reviews

A memory foam mattress bed is made of foam called visco-elastic polyurethane.

Memory foam was first developed by NASA for their space program in order to provide support and cushioning in chairs for take-off and re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. It was never intended for bed mattress use, as it was too expensive and not economical to produce beds with. However with time it has been developed to offer consumers a great choice of mattress for a good nights sleep.

When buying a memory foam mattress bed there are many things that need to be taken into consideration.

First it is best to try out your memory foam mattress bed before you buy. If you want to buy online because it can be drastically cheaper, first go to a store so you can try a mattress out. Some people do not get along with memory foam mattresses despite their support for proper posture and spinal alignment

It is also worth noting what thickness you will be. A memory foam mattress bed comes in various thicknesses to cater for different weights. It is important that you have the right thickness for your weight and are best with a thicker mattress than a thinner one if you weight quite a lot as the memory foam will not support you properly.

A memory foam mattress bed can be quite an expensive investment. Alternatively if this isn’t in your price range a best memory foam mattress for your current bed maybe a better alternative budget wire.

A break down of the benefits memory foam mattress beds:

  1. It supports and moulds to your body aiding in better posture and good spinal alignment. This means it is great for sufferers of joint and back pain.
  2. If you have a restless partner, on a memory foam mattress bed you won’t notice them moving about all night and it will leave you completely undisturbed.
  3. Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic so perfect for the allergy and asthma sufferers.
  4. Most people report a much better night sleep from the first use.
  5. Memory foam mattress beds come with a cover that you can zip off and machine wash. Very convenient!

There are many memory foam mattress beds available from Amazon. These include:

Foamex Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress Bed: A Foamex memory foam mattress is environmentally friendly as it is produced using natural plant-based ingredients in place of petroleum-based ingredients normally used by other manufacturers. It also includes a soft cashmere-;like Rayon made from bamboo fiber cover and this is also made from sustainable plant material and helps wick moisture away from your body to keep you cooler at night. Foamex mattresses come in various thicknesses including 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. Foamex mattresses can be bought from Amazon.



The Now Bible Review

The Now Bible is the first line of electronic Bibles that provides both text and audio formats while providing the complete Bible. Utilizing these brilliant hand-held media players, it is possible for you to read and/or listen to the Bible.

You won’t find a better way to study, remember and understand the Bible than to read it and listen to it simultaneously. Perhaps you have been introduced to other electronic or audio Bibles; now we would like to present you with the NowBible.

You can access any passage in Scripture at any time just by using the stylus and full color touch-screen LCD featured by the NowBible Color. It is possible for you to read the full text of the Bible on your own or you can have the narrator read it to you, or you can do both at the same time!

You can listen to the clear, professional narration using the built-in speakers, or you can use the earphones that are included at no extra charge with each NowBible Color package.

The NowBible Color Package contains: NowBible Color, stylus, slip case, user manual, compact earphones, built-in speaker, USB Cable, and wall charger adapter.

The device serves both as an electronic bible & audio bible, combined in one compact device. Here are the features you will enjoy:

1/ Complete Old and New Testaments of the TNIV Bible. Text is both viewable and synchronized with audio narration.
2/ Both Text and Audio versions of The Bible Experience are broken down to the verse level.
3/ This excellent device features complete TNIV footnotes and explanatory marks.
4/ You can listen to The Bible Experience using the built-in speaker or accessory earphones.
5/ Our new Quick Jump Navigation feature allows you to find verses quickly.
6/ The handy history arrows, skip to passages you have already viewed without losing your place.
7/ With Smith’s and Easton’s Bible dictionaries Electronic Concordance you can search by keyword or phrase.
8/ The lovely Bible Promises section for is useful for topical inspiration and guidance.
9/ You are sure to enjoy the Bible in a Year Reading plan for every day bible study.
10/ You can easily Bookmark, Highlight, or Record a note on your favorite verses.
11/ You can easily find the words of Christ in Red.
12/ Repeat playback of Verse, Chapter, or Book allows you in depth study.
13/ Auto-Scroll setting for manual reading lets you read hands-free.
14/ Cross Reference feature helps you make the most of each verse.
15/ Bible Quiz function to test your biblical knowledge keeps you sharp.
16/ Large and Giant Print text modes make it easy for anyone to use this device.
17/ MP4 capability that supports MPEG video files and Widescreen format make this device very versatile.
18/ You will make great use of MP3 capability that supports MP3/WMA sound files.
19/ Photo browsing function lets you find photos quickly.
20/ U-disk function with free USB cable for file transporting and charging gives you more options for staying powered up.
21/ The Micro-SD Card slot supports up to an 8 GB.
22/ The Micro SD card for additional storage of music, video, and photos is optional and is not included.
23/ PDA functions with powerful personal information management software make this a very useful device.
24/ Stylus included for optimal touch screen navigation.
25/ Improved button control for one hand navigation.
26/ Our new 4GB Memory edition features enhanced sound and video quality.
27/ For easy charging, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery may be charged by PC or regular AC Outlet.

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty (warranty card and online registration instructions are included)

The Now Bible Dimensions: 2.6 x 4.5 x 0.6 inches (W x H x D)

NIV Features: The translation that is read most often these days in the New International Version. Charles Taylor narrates this Single-voice production.

Among the additional features are: The Now Bible has a rendering of the Bible that is clear and consistent, short book introductions with location markers, and digital re-mastering that provides never before seen clarity and audio quality to this NIV audio production.


Skytex Primer Review


The Primer is the purest E-Reader we have seen with the exception of the Kindle, and the Skytex Primer includes some things that have not been streamlined in the Kindle. Its display is color, something attractive to many users, in particularly who want full PDF capabilities or who want to view the color pictures from newspapers faithfully.

It also has great text-to-speech technology — although the Kindle has this as well, the quality isn’t as high. This is what the press release from Skytex had to say.

Regarding its hardware, the Skytex Primer 7″ Color eReader and Media Player shares some similarities with the Ematic “710B eReader. These include cheap plastic casing, a numeric keypad located underneath the screen, and two awkwardly located sets of buttons on the right.

The pixel resolution of 800 X 480 gives it an antiquated display feel. In contrast, the resolution on the seven inch Nook Color is 1024 X 768. The Skytex Primer has a processor (ARM9 400MHz), which is older but is OK for downloading speed, as well as general operations.

The unit contains 2GB internal memory, enough to store up to ten thousand books plus thousands of songs. Inserting a 16GB MicroSD card into the expansion slot, allows you to store all the books, music, and video files you want and take them with you wherever you go.

They claim that the battery will last 10 hours, but really you only get 7 hours of reading and 5 hours if you play music as you read. Power will be depleted more quickly if you browse the Internet or watch videos.

EPUB, HTML, PDF, PRC and TXT format files are all supported by the Skytex Primer Color Reader and Media Player. It has 18 different languages available for display.

The Skytex Primer 7″ Color Reader and Media Player is priced very inexpensively. Significant features are offered by this product, considering its price of $99. You can get books from any eBookstore with open format devices like the Skytex Primer. Students who wish to tape lecturers will discover a built-in recording software and microphone a bonus.

The Skytex Primer is not for those who want a high quality product with a unique design. Skytex’s hardware appears to come from China, just like the Ematic eReader as well as many other brands of less expensivecolor eReaders.

If you compare these two devices, you will notice that the specs and features are nearly identical. The Skytex Primer battery is the cause of the biggest issue with the unit. It seems like it is never totally charged, even if it is left charging for hours. In addition, the batter life is horrible – it only provides approximately seven hours of reading per a time.

Using folders or directories may prove to be a challenge. For example, the gadget lists the music in the ebook folder, also. Improvements are urgently needed for the zooming feature. While it allows you to zoom in on a page, you must go back to the default page view if you want to turn the page.

Bottom Line
I really enjoyed this device as a $99 e-reader, and it does provide a pleasant reading experience. However, the retail price is now around $129, which is too expensive in my opinion. There was a lot of competition for TBH even when it was available at its original price.

At, the Primer is currently available for $119. This hardware has already been seen on the Australian market as the Big W MiGear.

Hardware and Specs 
The Skytex Primer centered on a 7” LCD screen (800×480), 400 MHz Rockchip CPU, 2GB Flash, as well as a micro SDHC card slot (which supports as much as 16GB). The Primer also has an FM Radio, microphone and a speaker too.

Two sets of page turn buttons are situated on the right side of the screen and a d-pad, number keys, as well as buttons for rotate, back, font size, and play/pause are located below the screen.

Epub, html, FB2, PDF, Mobi, and txt for ebook formats are supported by the Primer, and the specs page claims that it can also play DAT, MP3, FLV, WMA, AAC, APE, VOB, FLAC, RMVB, MP4, and 3GP. I am unable to test it, since I don’t have the majority of those formats. The Primer has about 10 hours of battery life before it needs to be recharged. For an eReader with LCD technology, this is good.

Reading Experience 
Overall, the Skytex Primer has a nice feel. I kept putting the Literati aside so I could read on the Primer instead. Even though there are prettier eReaders available, using this one was enjoyable. It lacks capabilities besides basic bookmarks and page jump, but that is not a big deal.

I discovered one unusual feature. The CPU maker (they created the firmware) stated that they Primer does not work with DRM. This feature is something they were sure they did not add. However, there is an issue with that. Adobe DE didn’t cause any issues when running on my review device. I permitted the Primer and successfully moved many DRMed ebooks onto it.

I’m pretty positive that it doesn’t utilize Adobe Reader Mobile (the reading app on Sony, Nook, etc.) though. Ebooks seem to all look similar whether they are from NookStudy, Sony EReader Library, or Nook4PC.

There are major differences, though, in how the Primer displays ebooks. Combine that with the fact that I have screwed around with my notebook PC so much (my Adobe DE install is probably ruined) and the fact that Skytex does not recognize this feature. Don’t depend on this feature, as I don’t know if yours will come with it.