I Feel Much Better About Myself

When I was younger, I suffered horribly with an acne condition. Kids can be cruel, and my peers were no exception. I was called every imaginable name for someone having a bad skin problem. I honestly believe if they knew how much it hurt me, the kids would not have taken it as far as they did. It cleared up with a doctor’s help when I was 16 years old, but my skin did not recover 100 percent though it was still a huge improvement. I went to an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore not that long ago, and they were able to really help me feel better about myself.

I know that we are taught to embrace ourselves, to love ourselves for just how we are. Continue reading “I Feel Much Better About Myself”


Treasure at Tampines Has Everything You Need!

Treasure at Tampines is a thrilling condo housing that supplies the best in fun and relaxation on one lot. The parks, spas, and shopping that are around you there is unmatched by any other condos in the area. It is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a good time and to have a basket full of facilities at your fingertips.

For the fitness gurus, there are gyms and active areas all over the grounds. You can enjoy a game of tennis or any other sport while others in the family go swimming or even rock climbing. If you are someone who really loves a yoga session, Treasure at Tampines has that as well on the grounds. You can decide if you want to get your sweat on indoors or outdoors with the gyms that are located in both areas.

If fitness isn’t your thing and you enjoy a more laid back experience, the relaxation stations are more your speed. Here you can relax either pool side or at one of the massage areas. Continue reading “Treasure at Tampines Has Everything You Need!”


My Son Absolutely Loves the Piano

My wife and I decided on piano lessons for beginners in Singapore after our son expressed interest in learning how to play a musical instrument. The driving force behind finding someone who could teach lessons was actually my son. My wife learned to play when she was young and he loves to watch her sit down at our piano and crank out some beautiful music. I thought he might go for playing the drums, but no he wanted to play the piano. I’m sure our neighbors would appreciate his decision! Nonetheless we needed to find an instructor as my wife felt like she didn’t have enough time to do it.

We found a music centre where they teach lessons for just about any instrument imaginable. They teach kids and they teach adults. If you’ve got an interest in learning how to play an instrument, they’re willing to teach you how to play it. Even better is that he hit it off with the instructor immediately. Continue reading “My Son Absolutely Loves the Piano”