Last year, miners bought 3 million GPU AMD into the biggest winner

Digital currency mining continues to support chip makers, with miners contributing $ 776 million in chip sales in 2017. The market share of major GPU supplier AMD rose significantly in the last quarter, the market research company estimated, the chip price will not glide in a period of time in the future.

Mining continues to support the sales of chip makers, AMD also take this to improve their market share.

Market research firm Jon Peddie Research released the latest chip industry report, revealing the fourth quarter of last year, graphics processor (GPU) shipments and market share of various vendors. AMD’s market share in 2017 increased significantly, from 14% in the third quarter of last year rose to 14.2%; both Intel and NVIDIA declined.

Jon Peddie also mentioned that unlike AMD or NVIDIA, Intel’s market share is less affected by digital currency because Intel integrates GPUs or iGPUs for sale on desktops or laptops, so the tide of digital currencies Ebb and flow of Intel’s GPU sales have little effect.

Shipments, GPU chips last year fell 4.8% year-on-year, desktop chip fell 2%, while the notebook fell 7%. However, digital money players supported the chip industry significantly. Last year, miners contributed more than 3 million unique graphics processors with sales of $ 776 million. Continue reading “Last year, miners bought 3 million GPU AMD into the biggest winner”