iPhone X success, but Apple China market share is declining

According to foreign media reports, Apple’s variety of iPhone products launched in late 2017 made its market share in China’s smart phone market increased. In spite of this, the share of Apple’s mobile phone in China’s smart phone market will fall in 2018 due to the declining consumer demand, the reduction of mobile operator subsidies and the fierce competition from Huawei and other domestic Chinese smart phone brands.

In China’s smart phone market, consumers have many local brands of smart phones in their hands, while smartphones such as Apple are considered as a status symbol. Apple’s new iPhone product, introduced in late 2017, has increased its market share in China’s smartphone market.

According to relevant reports, Apple’s fourth quarter in the Chinese smartphone market share of 24.3%, while benefiting from the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X three smart phones to promote the role of Apple’s share of the global smart phone market Reached a record 51%.

However, analysts believe Apple’s share of China’s smart phone market will gradually decline in the coming year. They said Android smartphones such as Huawei and Xiaomi will regain some of their market share. Industry analysts believe Chinese mobile operators are also cutting back on subsidies for handset makers as interest in new devices is declining in the smartphone market. Continue reading “iPhone X success, but Apple China market share is declining”

US refurbished machine craze hit Samsung Apple

In 2017, Apple and Samsung Electronics launched a wave of product prices, high-end mobile phone prices almost equal to 1000 US dollars, the media questioned whether such a high price can be consumer acceptance.

According to foreign media latest news, Samsung and Apple’s high price policy is producing some negative effects, including high-end mobile phone market in the United States, more and more consumers to buy refurbished machines, a mobile phone history as many as 34 users, which Affected Samsung Apple’s new handset sales. Continue reading “US refurbished machine craze hit Samsung Apple”