Coincidentally, technology and belief, which is to make big brother sleepless blockchain the truth?

Do you want to spend time learning the blockchain?

– nonsense, do not learn, when you abandon this era, even a greeting will not fight!

The general idea of ​​this chain has created fanatic blockchain today.

Ordinary people anxiety, I do not know blockchain and virtual currency, will not miss the virtual currency brings wealth distribution opportunities? Entrepreneurs and investors even more anxious, I do not know blockchain technology and application scenarios, will not miss the opportunity to create / invest the next BAT?

In the just past Spring Festival holiday, this kind of anxiety has risen to a new height, which is embodied in the WeChat group of “3 o’clock No-sleep Blockchain.”

The group gathered a circle of venture capital chiefs and science and technology circle, known as the “1 trillion market capitalization community”, from the beginning of the second day of daily debate debate block chain. Both the founder of real fund Xu Xiaoping, angel investors Xue Manzi, founder of Lily Network Mu Yan, founder of Long Link capital Cai Wensheng, the founder of quantum chain handsome early, but also in Zheng, Tong Li Ya, Gao Xiaosong and other entertainment circles.

Here are big guys discussing how blockchain will change all walks of life, how valuable bitcoin will be in the future, and how investors choose the project with caution.

For example, Cai Wensheng, founder of Long Link Capital and chairman of Meituxiu Sau Xiu, strongly believes that with the rapid development of the blockchain, changes will be faster and faster. Only by adapting to changes and changing iterations will we have a chance. Although most ICO (issue of token financing) are “cut chives”, but its advantage is to lower the threshold for ordinary investors to enter the primary market. In the future, if most are digital currencies, the original securities firms would have to change to digital currency.

Xue Mansheng, who instilled the idea of ​​investing in the blockchain into Cai Wensheng, expressed his opinions in the group. The blockchain will first transform the financial industry. All things that require leadership certification at all levels, birth certificates, marriage certificates, land Housing property transactions proved that the company’s business registration, tax rebate policy, etc. will soon be revolutionized. At the same time do not forget to remind people to “understand the blind participation in the activities such as coin issuance and speculation coins not only high-risk behavior, more likely to be suspected of violating the local laws of investors,” “We learn the mentality of the blockchain, The difference between coins. ”

However, in fact, “chain” and “coin” with the same family, is the “currency” of the lively, just the concept of “chain” into ordinary people’s homes.

Into the mainstream

Let’s see what happened to the chain and the currency ring in the past few years:

Bitcoin was born in 2009, and in his paper, Nakamoto describes a decentralized trading system that uses cryptography to allow traders to keep books under the supervision of all traders and prevent double accounting, Tampering with the books Bitcoin is a reward for bookkeeping behavior, and blockchain is the underlying technology of the system.

In the first few years, people did not discuss the blockchain alone. The expansion of Bitcoin from geeks to other circles is the rise in the price of the currency.

Around 2011, a number of grassroots bitcoin believers began to emerge in China. In 2013, more ordinary users learned about bitcoin. In that year, bitcoin rose from 85 yuan in January to 8,500 yuan in November, triggering large-scale media coverage. In 2014, there was already Bitcoin in Bitcoin Payment cafe.

Although from the end of 2013 to the present, the price of the currency has risen nearly 10 times, but can still be put in the hands of the minority now. Because after the plunge in the price of the currency, by the beginning of January 2015 had less than 800 yuan. Roller coaster-style rise and fall so that investors in general “faith” collapsed, but those who forgot to buy bitcoin, recently “accidentally” recovered, “extraterrestrial” extra pen wealth.

At the undervalued period of 2014 and 2015, some people finally paid attention to the blockchain. Some practitioners started to discuss the feasibility of blockchain in other industries.

This is the so-called “chain.” Unlike the “currency ring“, which focuses on virtual currency assets, they are out of bitcoin and focus on the development of blockchain technology. The digital currency has nothing to do with the ups and downs of them. Two circles do not see each other.

Due to the lack of application scenarios, the days of the chain have not been good until the ICO craze appears. In April 2016, The DAO announced its external fundraising, which raised 12 million U.S. dollars worth of 132 million U.S. dollars in 27 days. Four months later, NEO successfully completed two ICOs, triggering the ICO boom in 2017.

At the beginning of 2017, bitcoin prices rose above RMB8,000 at the peak of 2013. By the middle of the year, all kinds of blockchain projects have been mushroomed for ICO, just want a white paper to melt hundreds of millions of dollars. There even appeared a currency celebrity Li Xiaolai no white paper but the financing of 200 million US dollars of the myth.

At this time, some chain companies rely on the ICO to taste the sweetness of the money circle overnight, while more technology-focused companies are indifferent to these crazy. They are often in Zhongguancun office buildings, reassuringly write their own code, the rejection of the ICO attitude, stressed that, like other Internet companies, the traditional way of financing, throwing the phrase “99% of ICO projects are money “.

Sure enough, crazy unsustainable, regulatory agencies across the board the ICO model. In September, the central bank one paper, “on the prevention of financing of the issue of tokens issued a notice of funding,” banned all ICO. Next, China’s two largest Bitcoin exchanges, Firecoin and OKCoin, suspended their trading and Chinese regulators started to revoke the bitcoin mining business.

Some practitioners will look abroad, go overseas to issue projects, continue ICO, trading platform also turned to layout overseas markets. CBOE, the largest U.S. exchange market, launched Bitcoin Futures in December.

The coin ring began to be approved by the mainstream financial system.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the United States held two thematic hearings on virtual currency regulation and blockchain technology respectively on February 6 and February 14 local time. Regulators officials, official think tanks and business leaders put forward the principle of “Do no harm” and “hug technology” to the blockchain, which is interpreted by some in the country as “the United States consensus in the blockchain has formed.” In fact, , This statement has no basis, the US Securities and Exchange Commission is clearly stated that “unregistered ICO project are illegal, Congress may need to change the financial laws to better monitor the virtual currency.”

Formation of tuyere

This year is different from last year, people are no longer shouting ICO, but called for embracing the blockchain. Some people commented that this is nothing but a funeral, just like cloud computing in the past, O2O and artificial intelligence. However, this time the blockchain tuyere because of its confusing and more fascinating, because of its extensive coverage and was pulled to a higher level.

In the no-sleep blockchain at 3 o’clock, Cai Wensheng said that the underlying structure of the blockchain is mathematical logic, that middle-level thinking is philosophical thinking and that top-level is theological belief. Yuan Yuan, founder of Century Internet Data Center, one of the earliest proponents of domestic blockchain, believes that the blockchain has surpassed religion and social contract and become the new trust mechanism of human civilization, the new mode of production credit and the supply of new economy Side reforms.

To explore the reasons for the formation of the outlet, probably the following:

First of all, the blockchain is not a new technology, or it is not just technology, it is also a philosophical view of economics + philosophy + cryptography + mathematics + computer, which extends the circle of participants from technical circles to All walks of life.

Blockchain entrepreneurs in the field of identity verification told me that blockchain is not a new technology, and that cryptography and distributed computing have been involved for many years, and when they are put together, they show a new charm. When he came into contact with the technology in Silicon Valley in 2014, he felt “a moment ago, and when you continue to explore it, you are fascinated by the technology that is very interesting and shows the potential of transforming the future. world.”

Because blockchain technology can not establish trust relationships on the Internet, without the intervention of third-party center, participants can reach a consensus and solve the problem of reliable delivery of trust and value at a very low cost.

Proponents believe this technology can change the future, though it does not know how long it will take until it matures. But as Cai Wensheng said, “Blockchain is the largest bubble in history since mankind … We can only embrace the bubble, and participation is the greatest risk.”

Second, the blockchain is still in its infancy, and people are happy: whether they have the chance to find that suitable scenario and dominate the next subversion.

In addition to bitcoin, there are currently no widely used floorplans in the blockchain.

Big companies are still testing water, small companies can do? In an FT Chinese net salon before the Spring Festival, the investor who arranged the blockchain industry, Sun Tao Tao, executive director of Shenzhou Fu said that start-up companies have absolutely no chance of competing with giants because all aspects of capital and talent can not be compared with large companies . The ant gold vice president of different views: whether the company has a chance, depending on your focus, rather than the size of the company.

In front of the opportunity, nobody wants to miss it.

Again, which outlet is so close from the money, and comes with hematopoietic function? The breakthrough in the existing financial system not only gives the blockchain a greater space for development, but also makes it easy to push it into the abyss.

Some people say that China has the world’s largest “leek”, which is inevitably for the ill-intentioned people.

Sun said that they made statistics that at least 80% of the ICO projects in the market are “traps” in the digital currency eco-packaging or lack of project support, becoming the means of pyramid selling or having great “moisture” and ” The blockchain cat-and-dog game is a good place to start. “” I never thought the blockchain was a solution to everything, and even tied it to AI and quantum computing to the next generation of technology, which probably Are all too high on the blockchain … I have not seen a solution so far and have seen a tremendous improvement in parallelism in the blockchain. ”

However, he also optimizes that blockchain will play a role in three areas: the areas that need to be identified; the natural topology of the Internet of Things, blockchain network architecture topologies and intelligent hardware, and the Internet of Things; intellectual property-related replication All contributors should be paid more.

Stir up controversy

Back to the “3 o’clock no sleep blockchain” micro-channel group, in order to eliminate the debate about money corrupt the group, the group rules not to mention making money. Po Eryong want to talk about making money was kicked out of the group.

Who is Po Erye? He was formerly known as Guo Hongcai, the founder of Bitangel Fund, who sold beef in the early years and later all in the blockchain. In 2014, he built the mines in Inner Mongolia and was known as the pioneer and leader of Bitcoin by the currency ring.

He spoke outspoken about why he was kicked: “Mainly because I’m honest, and it’s all vernacular … They say blockchain is a lot nicer … but they just did not mention money, they did not talk about making money, I That you are too faint … … all into the currency in the so-called big V actually want to come in to make money, he is not just trying to come in to join in the fun, he is not to purely study technology … So we see clearly the nature of the industry Since it is a entertainment circle, we put this entertainment circle children play big. ”

Another storm on this group, from the Jinsha River venture capital fund partner Zhu Xiaohu and fast taxi founder, founder Pan Weicheng capital.

Zhu Xiaohu in the circle of friends forwarded a continuous article engraved Eagle entrepreneurs, the article wrote “no one raised the block chain in 457 days” and commented “Do not pull me into a variety of 3 o’clock group, some outlets would rather miss, and some Qian Ning would like to earn, we take care of the evening. ”

Chen Weixing said in the group that the other touts himself as an investment genius in order to “cut off the investors’ leeks and market the aunt leeks for their own projects.” After that also said the opportunity to share cycling ofo lies in the blockchain, Dewey interviewed and excited for many times.

Zhu Xiaohu hit back “professional investment institutions have their own professional considerations and strategic needs, and ordinary retail the same?” Ofo quickly clarify not consider the ICO, but will focus on the blockchain.

And every round of their “move” will lead to some discussion. Whether it is a 3-point group or a forked group, each of the other block-chain groups and big-timers may make a little splash in this circle and become an article. Accompanied by big brothers “dreaming”, there are emerging media. According to the Beijing News reported that just in January this year, at least 50 blockchain from the media, a public account number two weeks to win the financing, the valuation of 10 million.

Later, I asked an investor in 3-point group, did not you sleep at 3 o’clock? He said: “Yeah, I sleep for 4 to 6 hours.