The Different Metabolism Types and their Implications (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second part of this three part series. In order to answer to question how to lose belly fat in an effective way we have to look at your metabolism type. The diet solution program does exactly that. Last time you learned what the protein type was and how it helps you in finding easy ways to lose weight. Today we will look at the carbohydrate type. If you are this type, it is actually quite easy to generate a diet plan to lose weight. So make sure to read every word of this article!

1)      Carbohydrate Type
People of this group tend to have a rather weak appetite. Carb Types tend to be satisfied with a small amount of daily food intake. You only eat small amounts of food and the only time you are thinking about food is when you are hungry.

A typical carb type eats very infrequently, usually since they “have no time for food right now”. This metabolism type is often related to a workaholic lifestyle. Instead of taking breaks, people in this group tend to rather skip meals. What that can lead to is your body entering “starvation mode”. Your metabolic rate decreases, and the results are often problems with weight management and the development of stubborn fat. A strong dependence on caffeinated beverages to “just get through the day” is another characteristic of the card type.

Carbohydrate Styles have a great threshold regarding baked products as well as starchy veggies. This is often a a dangerous thing, since they are inclined to overeat of these carbs, which can cause harmful circumstances including hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, or diabetic issues.

What a Carb Person Requires:
You have probably guessed it: The diet of a carbs person should consist of a high amount of carbs and a smaller amounts of both fats and protein. Protein is still important though! Focus on lighter, low-fat proteins here. Examples are white-meat poultry and white fish. When it comes to carbohydrates, a lot goes. This type can really mix it up and eat more carbs than any other metabolism type!

While Carbohydrate Versions transform carbs into energy at a low speed (as opposed to Protein Kinds), it doesn’t imply they are able to embark on carbohydrate binges. A heightened blood insulin response is nonetheless an issue, particularly if fat loss is the objective. Blood insulin is a fat-storing hormone, therefore large volumes inside the blood stream can make slimming down very difficult. Bear in mind, overabundance of any specific food can result in excess weight as well as illness, and try to keep up with the food servings and ratios appropriate for your category.

That was part 2 of this series. In the last part of this series inspired by the diet solution program we will be looking at the mixed type. And don’t forget to check out my diet solution program review and lots of other goodies.