The Different Metabolism Types and their Implications (Part 3)

Welcome to the third and final part of this metabolism type series. Let’s recap what we have learned so far. In order to know how to lose belly fat, one has to create a diet plan to lose weight. This diet plan MUST be build around your own specific metabolism type to guarantee long term success. So far we have learned about the Protein Type and the Carbs Type, and a couple of easy ways to lose weight for both types. Today I will be talking about the Mixed Type, since most people fall into this category. Now remember, this series of posts is inspired by the Diet Solution Program, so make sure to check out my The Diet Solution Program Reviewonce it is online!

3)      Mixed Type
This type needs an equal ratio of proteins, carbs and fats. Here it is important to mix it up in your every day meal plan, but I guess that is something that you want to do anyways. The good thing for people in this category is: It is the easiest to manage.

You can choose from a wider variety of foods, as some of your meals may be similar to the once a Protein Type would eat and others resemble the meals of the Carb Type. And then again others will have the features of both.

It is also harder to describe clear patterns when it comes to their appetite. There simply are none. Sometimes the Mixed type only feels hungry at meals but not in between (much like the Carb Type). Sometimes people in this category feel hungry throughout the day, while at other times they aren’t hungry at all.

It basically all depends on the kind of foods this kind has eaten throughout the day. A great thing about this type: There is no natural graving for a specific food source. It is of course still possible to “train” your body to crave things like sugar or caffeine.

In reality, most Mixed types tend to be predominantly a Protein Type or a Carbs Type in a weakened form. With other words, they respond better to foods that are optimal to one type and worse for others. The only way to figure this one out perfectly is by trial and error. Write down how you feel once you had a specific meal. Do you feel energized or down? Are you happy or in a bad mood? Do you feel hungry, full are something in between? Use these observations to generate your perfect meal plan and you will have the diet solution for you!

That’s the end of this three part series of metabolism types. I hope it was useful and you can build a diet plan to lose weight without a problem now. If you need more information, make sure to check out the Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios. If you need more information on the program make sure to check out my The Diet Solution Review.