The Now Bible Review

The Now Bible is the first line of electronic Bibles that provides both text and audio formats while providing the complete Bible. Utilizing these brilliant hand-held media players, it is possible for you to read and/or listen to the Bible.

You won’t find a better way to study, remember and understand the Bible than to read it and listen to it simultaneously. Perhaps you have been introduced to other electronic or audio Bibles; now we would like to present you with the NowBible.

You can access any passage in Scripture at any time just by using the stylus and full color touch-screen LCD featured by the NowBible Color. It is possible for you to read the full text of the Bible on your own or you can have the narrator read it to you, or you can do both at the same time!

You can listen to the clear, professional narration using the built-in speakers, or you can use the earphones that are included at no extra charge with each NowBible Color package.

The NowBible Color Package contains: NowBible Color, stylus, slip case, user manual, compact earphones, built-in speaker, USB Cable, and wall charger adapter.

The device serves both as an electronic bible & audio bible, combined in one compact device. Here are the features you will enjoy:

1/ Complete Old and New Testaments of the TNIV Bible. Text is both viewable and synchronized with audio narration.
2/ Both Text and Audio versions of The Bible Experience are broken down to the verse level.
3/ This excellent device features complete TNIV footnotes and explanatory marks.
4/ You can listen to The Bible Experience using the built-in speaker or accessory earphones.
5/ Our new Quick Jump Navigation feature allows you to find verses quickly.
6/ The handy history arrows, skip to passages you have already viewed without losing your place.
7/ With Smith’s and Easton’s Bible dictionaries Electronic Concordance you can search by keyword or phrase.
8/ The lovely Bible Promises section for is useful for topical inspiration and guidance.
9/ You are sure to enjoy the Bible in a Year Reading plan for every day bible study.
10/ You can easily Bookmark, Highlight, or Record a note on your favorite verses.
11/ You can easily find the words of Christ in Red.
12/ Repeat playback of Verse, Chapter, or Book allows you in depth study.
13/ Auto-Scroll setting for manual reading lets you read hands-free.
14/ Cross Reference feature helps you make the most of each verse.
15/ Bible Quiz function to test your biblical knowledge keeps you sharp.
16/ Large and Giant Print text modes make it easy for anyone to use this device.
17/ MP4 capability that supports MPEG video files and Widescreen format make this device very versatile.
18/ You will make great use of MP3 capability that supports MP3/WMA sound files.
19/ Photo browsing function lets you find photos quickly.
20/ U-disk function with free USB cable for file transporting and charging gives you more options for staying powered up.
21/ The Micro-SD Card slot supports up to an 8 GB.
22/ The Micro SD card for additional storage of music, video, and photos is optional and is not included.
23/ PDA functions with powerful personal information management software make this a very useful device.
24/ Stylus included for optimal touch screen navigation.
25/ Improved button control for one hand navigation.
26/ Our new 4GB Memory edition features enhanced sound and video quality.
27/ For easy charging, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery may be charged by PC or regular AC Outlet.

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty (warranty card and online registration instructions are included)

The Now Bible Dimensions: 2.6 x 4.5 x 0.6 inches (W x H x D)

NIV Features: The translation that is read most often these days in the New International Version. Charles Taylor narrates this Single-voice production.

Among the additional features are: The Now Bible has a rendering of the Bible that is clear and consistent, short book introductions with location markers, and digital re-mastering that provides never before seen clarity and audio quality to this NIV audio production.