Treasure at Tampines Has Everything You Need!

Treasure at Tampines is a thrilling condo housing that supplies the best in fun and relaxation on one lot. The parks, spas, and shopping that are around you there is unmatched by any other condos in the area. It is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a good time and to have a basket full of facilities at your fingertips.

For the fitness gurus, there are gyms and active areas all over the grounds. You can enjoy a game of tennis or any other sport while others in the family go swimming or even rock climbing. If you are someone who really loves a yoga session, Treasure at Tampines has that as well on the grounds. You can decide if you want to get your sweat on indoors or outdoors with the gyms that are located in both areas.

If fitness isn’t your thing and you enjoy a more laid back experience, the relaxation stations are more your speed. Here you can relax either pool side or at one of the massage areas. Get a facial as well after a long shopping trip at the shops that are minutes away from the condos. If you aren’t big on massages, you can take a stroll in the garden areas. There you will find flower gardens or water gardens to walk around and view. You can also sit near the fountains and relax with the sounds of water dancing or flowing.

Some are more interested in what is inside the condos than what is on the outside, if you are one of those types the Treasure at Tampines boast more than two thousand different rooms ranging from one bedroom to five bedrooms. Some rooms come with a study area and all of them come with access to the amenities and facilities already described.