Velocity Micro Cruz Reader Review


Velocity Micro Cruz Reader Review – Even though a number of people are ringing the death knell for eReaders, the Velocity Micro Cruz  is bravely making its appearance on the market. You can always look to this company for high quality, good looking desktop models. We feel certain the Velocity Micro Cruz will build a fine reputation thanks to its excellent performance and stylish appearance.

Nonetheless,  Micro Cruz  is not a dedicated reader. Similar to the Pandigital Novel, this device does not use the eInk screen to achieve full-color touch capacitive LCD screen along with tablet capabilities. The hope is that making this choice will attract every day readers, casual readers, and people who don’t usually read.

Here are the things you can do with the Velocity Cruz Reader: update Facebook, watch the news, watch videos, listen to music, play games, surf the net, view pictures, and more.

• It is a responsive e Reader, and loading books, turning pages utilizing applications is quick; however, we can’t really endorse it until we have tested it.
• Thanks to touch capability, you can access menus and applications rapidly.
• On the right hand side, you will find shortcut buttons that make it even easier to use.
• You can replace the battery yourself.

• Little on-board memory is available.
• You must carry extra SD cards along when you travel so that you can store movies and install applications.
• You can use the battery for reading for only 6 hours, so you can’t really read a book from start to finish without a recharge.
• It’s a little inconvenient because you have to recharge every day.
• You will not have very much flexibility regarding the choice of books in your library.
• Only four text formats are supported by this device.
• We don’t know if the virtual keyboard is any good. It isn’t present in the video demonstration put together by Velocity.

Bottom Line 
Basically, Velocity Cruz Reader is a fairly nice multimedia device. Nonetheless, it would not really make a good devoted eReader. The reasons for this are similar to those attributed to iPad in this respect.

You can pre-order the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader for only $199.99.

Velocity Micro Cruz Reader Review
This is a very sporty eReader with a black aluminum frame and a generous 7″ screen. It is similar to iPad in appearance, but it is a bit smaller and on the square side.

This device fits neatly into the palm of your hand because it is only 7.55″ X 5.6″, so it’s just great for browsing or reading discreetly. It’s about two times thicker than Kindle 3, at .6″ thick; nonetheless, the Velocity is not heavy. That’s what they say, anyway.

You will find that this device has a 7″ premium resistive touch screen that features 4:3 contrast along with resolution of 800X600 pixels. Micro CRUZ uses a white background with black text for greatest ease of reading. You will be able to see movies, web pages, photos, magazines and eBooks in living color.

Borders eBookstore and Velocity have partnered recently to increase the number of eBooks available to over two-million. Use any WiFi network to shop and purchase books straight from the eReader. When you download a book, it is synchronized across all your devices. Therefore, if you buy a book using your PC, you will be able to pull it up in your Cruz Reader Library.

You will see your library in a very nice looking, full-color cover format. If you have left off reading a book, all you have to do is tap the library icon at the home menu. Your book will open up right where you stopped reading. Page turning is very quick, as proven by the Velocity video demonstration. You will get the next page in just under a second by pressing the mid-center of the screen on the right hand side.

You will have a choice of both Day Mode (black on white) and Night Mode (white on black). This will make reading very comfortable no matter where or when you are. Text reflow seems to be quite nice. You will not have to manually shift page orientation because the tilt-activated accelerometer is built right in. HTML, PDF, TXT & ePub can be read with this device.

Velocity eReader cannot access the Android Market Place even though it is powered by the Android OS 2.0. You don’t have to use Velocity’s own Cruz Market. You can shop elsewhere, if you like. Additionally, the Velocity CRUZ Reader is equipped with 256MB built-in storage. This provides support for as much as 2GB SD or SDHC cards, as well as more than 6 hours of battery life (24 hours on standby).